St. Joseph Catholic Church
2101 22nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL, Phone 727-822-2153

Regular Schedule

Weekday Mass at 8 AM (no weekday Mass Tuesdays)

Vigil Mass (Traditional Choir) 5:00 PM Saturdays

Sunday Mass (Gospel Choir) 10:00 AM.

Confessions on Saturdays 4:15-4:45 pm and First Saturdays after 8:30 am
or by appointment .



St. Joseph Church frontIn his patience, the Lord allows both weeds and wheat to grow together, both saints and sinners to respond to salvation in the Kingdom. This Lord is good and forgiving, lenient to all, desiring repentance for our sins. May the Spirit assist us in our weakness.

Good day my friends! Every Summer I like to dedicate a bulletin article to the wonderful people who do so much for us as parish, often times unseen behind the scenes. In the four years I have been blessed to minister with this extraordinary community of St. Joseph’s parish we have seen times of great change and, at times, of challenge, and always the great blessings God desires to rain upon us. No parish grows and continues to seek holiness without the prayers and work of good people. There have been many who come into the category and here are a number of them that we owe a large debt to for their service and love of this parish:Read Fr. Gerth's message in its entirety in this week's bulletin.

Come and visit us.
St. Joseph Catholic Church is located in southern St. Petersburg, Florida, on 22nd Avenue South, just east of the 22nd Street traffic light. If you are visiting this area on vacation, we are very convenient to the downtown area and the beaches. See the map for precise directions.
St. Joseph's is a happy, loving parish known for its hospitality and spirituality. If you are local, you may have already had the opportunity to hear our Gospel Choir during a visit to your home parish. We are also multicultural with a congregation literally from around the world. Please join will definitely remember your visit

Did you know that chapter and verse for all days' Mass readings are posted in our church bulletin? Look in the weekly calendar (usually on page 3 of the bulletin) and follow along with your own Bible. The USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops )website also posts the complete daily readings in both written and audio form